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How Much Can I Lose

How much weight you can expect to lose on the HCG Diet depends on a few things...

How much do you weigh?  The more you weigh the more you will likely lose.  

Are you a man or a woman?  Men lose at a much faster rate than women do with losses averaging 1-2 pounds per day vs. women that typically get .5 to 1 pound per day average.

How long will your round be?  This depends on how much you have to lose and what your goal is.  A woman with approximately 15 pounds to lose before reaching an ideal weight range can lose that in just one 30 day round of HCG Injections.  Someone else with approximately 100 pounds to lose may lose 30 pounds in one month and feel absolutely wonderful and chose to extend their round an additional 30 days.  Some HCG dieters have been known to do 80+ days on the diet.  

How much water are you consuming?  You must drink a min of half your body weight in ounces of water to achieve the best weight loss results.  Your excess fat needs a ride out of your body and the water is that vehicle.  

How much sleep are you getting?  Be sure to get a minimum of 8 hours.  In fact it is even possible to lose more weight if you take a daily nap.

Are you documenting your progress?  Keep a daily journal of your progress for motivation.  Make sure to take your measurements weekly.

This is my actual journal below.  Even reading it now a few years later I still find it very inspiring and helpful.  

My Progress

Miserable at 310 pounds

I had been depressed for years.  My weight kept creeping up.  My pant sizes kept getting bigger till I started to wear stretchy clothes all the time.  You know the kind with no waist band.  I joined a gym, got on the scale, and had the scare of a lifetime.  My weight read 310 pounds.  I could not believe what I was looking at.  I just stood there staring at those numbers and I began to cry.  I had been avoiding cameras and mirrors for years becoming very skillful at dodging group photos reflections of myself in windows etc. I didn't want to look because I knew.  Our minds play funny tricks on us though so that we can cope I guess because I never looked as big in the mirror as I did in pictures.  I decided to get serious about losing weight so I tried the program they had at the gym which was actually a good one much like what we follow while on HCG injections but I didn't lose as fast as I would have liked to.  The process was slow so I would give up and cheat go back to it give up cheat etc.  Seemed to take months to lose just a few pounds.  Then after hearing about HCG and seeing a friends great results I tried the diet myself and I kept a daily diary of my daily weigh ins and some of the obstacles and discoveries that I ran into along the way.  I copied the diary just as it was written and I pasted it below.  I encourage you to do the same.  This can be a very helpful tool that will help you to understand more about your own body.  This was the best diet I have ever tried and also very exciting to watch the scale and my waistline go down every single day.  It wasnt as frustrating for me because results came quickly unlike the other typical diets where I could walk 5 miles daily eat 1200 calories but only lose 7 pounds in an 8-10 week course for instance.  I went from a size 28/32 down to a size 18 in my very first round of 57 days.  My average was awesome at .76 lbs lost per day daily weight loss average.  The average for most women seems to be approximately .50 lbs per day.  Your average will depend on your starting weight and eating the right foods.

start 9-1-09

after load 287

9-01 283 load day
9-02 283 load day
9-03 287 1st VLCD
9-04 280 WOW! 7 lbs in one day.
9-05 278
9-06 277
9-07 276
9-08 275
9-09 274
9-10 275 TOM
9-11 273
9-12 272
9-13 271
9-14 271
9-15 270
9-16 269
9-17 268

so far as of 9-17

I lost 3.5 inches in shoulders
1 inch in the bust
1/2 inch under bust
1 inch from arms
3 inches from hips and
1/2 inch from neck

9-18-09 268
9-19-09 268
9-20-09 268
9-21-09 267 thank god
9-22-09 266
9-23-09 265 and another visit from TOM. Now I understand why I stood still for 3 days straight.
9-24-09 265 Keto stick shows between moderate and high
9-25-09 264 ate mac nuts and chipotle but, didnt go out of control
9-26-09 262.4 YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
9-27-09 we wont talk about today
9-28-09 or this day
9-29-09 262
9-30-09 261
10-01-09 260.4
10-02-09 260.4
10-03-09 261.8 made this an apple day
10-04-09 259.2
10-5-09 259.4
10-6-09 261.2
10-7-09 260.2
10-8-09 258.2
10-9-09 257.6
10-10 256.8
10-11 257.2
10-12 258
10-13 256.8
10-14 255.8
10-15 257
10-16 256.6
10-17 254.8
10-18 ?
10-19 ?
10-20 253.2
10-21 251.2
10-22 252.2
10-23 250.6
10-24 249.2
10-25 249.0
10-26 249.2
10-27 248
10-28 247
10-29 247
10-30 247
10-31 247

Round 2 started this round at 249.2 after load 253.4

11-22 250.8
11-23 248.2
Down 60 lbs Feeling Better
11-24 246.8
11-25 246.0
11-26 246.0
11-27 244.6
11-28 248
11-29 246.4
11-30 245.6
12-01 245.6
12-02 244.0
12-03 244.0
12-04 243.8
12-05 245.6
12-06 245.6
12-07 245.6 Tom arrived
12-08 243.8
12-09 243.8
12-10 241.8
12-11 240.0
12-12 240.0
12-13 239.6
12-14 239.0
12-15 239.0
12-16 238.2
12-17 236.8
12-18 238.2
12-19 236.2
12-20 238.0
12-21 237.6
12-22 237.2
12-23 235.6 OMG!!!!! I noticed that I have a stall or a gain/stall every 14 days that lasts about 3-4 days before I start to lose again.
12-24 234.8
12-25 234.6
12-26 233.0
YAY and I even had 3 glasses of red wine last night!!!!!!
12-27 231.6
12-28 231.6
12-29 231.6
12-30 231.6
12-31 232.4
01-01 231.6
01-02 233.2
01-03 231.6
01-04 231.2
01-05 finally down to 229.4!!!!!!
01-06 231.0
01-07 230.4 and Tom is still late

OK this sucks. I am just looking at this and thinking it looks like I might be done this round. I was even gonna try to go for 80+ days but, who in their right mind would continue with no results?? I will wait for the bastard TOM and then see what happens before I decide to do anything crazy. :-(

The positives are that I am a size 16 on the bottom and an 18 on the top. I can tell that I am losing inches even though I am stalling. I put a couple really tight shirts on that are loose enough to wear now. I waited more than 15 years to wear this one shirt LOL I was determined to get that sucker on 1 day. As soon as I make my point and wear it just once then I will give it away.

01-08 up again dont remember
01-09 230.2
01-10 229
01-11 229!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
01-12 227.8
01-13 227
01-14 226.4
01-18 226.4
01-19 228.4 The BASTARD is here!
01-20 227.0 no injection
01-21 228.4 no injection
01-22 226.0 no injection and did apple day. I know I wasnt supposed to for any reason but, I wasnt hungry and it got late so I just said screw it.

01-23 224.8 P3 First day.
01-24 224.8 and we partied with red wine last night too!
01-25 224.8 I ate nuts and SF ice cream.

I apologize for losing track and not being as diligent about this blog as I had intended to be. It is now August 30th 2010 and I have done another round and gotten down to 203 pounds. I am amazed at how this just keeps working. It becomes second nature once you get going and you start thinking to yourself wow this is the way it is supposed to be. This is how much we were meant to eat in one sitting. Everything about me has changed. I am now a size 14 and when the weather is not too hot here in AZ I am walking approximately 5 miles a day. Somedays I do 7 or 8 which is amazing for someone that could not walk across the room or bend over without being out of breath. I am about to do another round soon. Cant wait! Wish me luck. Oh by the way a Biggest Loser recruiter was interested in me til he saw a picture and found out how much weight I have lost. He says I am too small for the show. That was music to my ears. TOO SMALL LOL!!

Down close to 100 lbs and a comfortable size 14